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Hello Gorgeous. We are so glad you're here.

Welcome to Perri's Boutique N Style known as fashion jewelry boutique in United States. Our mission is to bring unique styles to our clients; accessorizing their inner beauty and empowering them to put their best fashion foot forward.

Our online boutique offers more than 70 quality designs which include a variety of stylish jewelry, beautiful handbags, and sleek activewear. Our product line, Original Pieces By Perri's, is a collection of unique one-of-a-kind trinkets you won't find anywhere else. Each piece has been lovingly handcrafted by our resident jewelry designer, with an emphasis on quality, style, and versatility. We also feature an eclectic mix of trendsetting designs sourced seasonally by our experienced style team from a variety of quality vendors. Check out the Zenzii Iridescent Beaded Collection, our current featured collection of the month.

Feeling a little adventurous? Willing to take a well-calculated fashion risk? Then check out our Eclectic Looks Collection. Who says you can´t be fashionable while you sweat? Our Active Wear is the perfect blend of style and comfort. Don´t be Arm Candy. Just wear it. Take a peek at our full selection of chic Handbags and elegant Bracelets. Finally, complete your look with an option or two from our fashionably fabulous inventory of Necklaces and Earrings.

Come accessorize your inner beauty with us! Whatever style you can dream up, we will be there providing you with the next-level designs you crave. In an unpredictable world, you can be certain your look will always be on-trend with Perri's Boutique N Style.

About Us
  • Black & White Safari Earrings

    Accessorize this unique jewelry piece with any black and white attire or" go wild" and accent with a brighter color. It can be worn with evening wear or out on the town with a leather dress or pants.

    Featured Item 
  • Black & White Safari Necklace

    This unique piece goes well with any casual wear or can be used to accessorize evening wear or flowing dresses. Pair this with any outfit that accentuates darker colors or silouettes.

    Featured Item 
  • Black and White Safari Bracelet

    This is a must have arm candy piece that pairs with the earrings and necklace to complete the ensemble of this unique jewelry set. This is a must have jewelry piece to accent classy evening gowns for events where you want to be the topic of conversation.

    Featured Item 
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  • Aqua Circles Set

    Blue style and grace. This set can be paired with both casual (jeans) and elegant evening wear.

    Featured Set 
  • Disco Ball Set

    A jewelry set that lives up to its name , worthy to be worn to a "ball" but can also be paired with casual wear. Don't miss out on being the topic of conversation with this piece.

    Featured Set 
  • Pearl Swirl Set

    Class and style in the form of swirls. This piece can be paired with a long, flowing sundress for a dinner on the beach.

    Featured Set 
  • Tulle Set

    This piece can be worn with that infamous little black dress or be bold and accent it with a lighter color. Any outfit with this piece will be upgraded to a classier style.

    Featured Set 

Zenzii Featured Jewelry Collection

Zenzii Iridescent Beaded Collection

Zenzii Iridescent Beaded Collection

Give yourself, or someone you love, the gift of understated elegance with... 

  • The Monica Set

    Style is the name of Monica's game. This set won't disappint when it comes to fashion and functionality. The Monica Set is a must have.

    Featured Item 
  • Stud & Skins

    The name says it all. Check out this unique item and pair it with a jean or casual outfit.

    Featured Item 
  • Alligator Satchel Set With Wallet

    Get noticed with this alligator satchel. It is a well made handbag and its colors go well with any outfit.

    Featured Item 
  • Stylish Smooth Leather Long Strap Chic Satchel

    This is a classic handbag with a little extra style; it can be carried as either a purse or a handbag. You won't be disappointed either way.

    Featured Item