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Denim Jeggings

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Denim Jeggings are stretchy pants that are printed to look like jeans. The back pockets are real & functional. They're called "Jegging Sublimations" & these are my personal favorites because they look like a classic pair of distressed jeans. These jeggings are so cool because they have the look of vintage denim but they have the feel of stretchy pants.

Searching for something unique in denim jeggings? Look no further than denim jegging Sublimations by! These jeggings are designed to look like a classic pair of distressed jeans, but with the added comfort of stretchy pants. Made with 92% polyester and 8% fleece, these jeggings are sure to become your new favorite. It is available in sizes S-M-L. Order now!

**Note: Inside fabric is made of fleece

Content: 92% polyester, 8% Fleece

Size: S-M-L 

Style# 528JN001b